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Heroes Of The Storm, 500 Close Beta Keys, Giveaway, REPORT

Heroes Of The Storm is in Close Beta and you'll need a close beta key to play. Here is where you can get one.

Heroes of the Storm is Blizzard's version of a MOBA and they call it a team brawler. Unlike most MOBA games like DotA 2 and others. Heroes of the Storm is fast paced, action packed and easy to learn.

Heroes of the storm is currently in Close Beta and you'll need a close beta key to play. Unfotunately, I've given away all my close beta keys but I can tell you where you can get one for free.

In a recent update, PCGamesN announced that they have 500 Heroes of the Storm Close Beta Keys and they are giving them all away.

Just go to PCGamesN, create an account, login and post a friendly comment. The link to where you can post your friendly comment is in the description of the video below or click here.

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