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Underworld Ascendant, Spiritual Successor, Ultima Underworld, Kickstarter Campaign, Indie Game

Underworld Ascendant is like the spiritual successor to Ultima Underworld and it's running a Kickstarter campaign.

Ultima Underworld, I don't remember playing it but I do remember playing Eye Of The Beholder II but that's a different game.

In any case, if you guys enjoyed playing Ultima Underworld back in the day then you'll be happy to know that the team behind it has started a Kickstarter Campaign to develop the next-generation sequel called Underworld Ascendant.

Just like the two Ultima Underworld games, Underworld Ascendant will have a tie-in to Shroud of the Avatar which is the spiritual successor to the Ultima series.

The Underworld Ascendant Kickstarter Campaign has a goal of $600,000 USD and you can help reach its goal by becoming a backer.

So, to make a pledge and to learn more about Underworld Ascendant, simply go to its Kickstarter page by clicking the link in the description of the video below or click here.

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