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Wakfu On STEAM, Close Beta Keys Giveaway

Wakfu On STEAM And Close Beta Keys

Did you know that Wakfu is already on STEAM? If you don't then now you know. He he he!

Wakfu On STEAM, Close Beta Keys Giveaway

Wakfu On STEAM is currently in Close Beta and it will end on September 18, 2014. In order for you to play in the Close Beta of Wakfu On STEAM, you will need to activate it using a Close Beta Key. If you don't have a Wakfu On STEAM Close Beta Key then all you can do is wait for its official STEAM release.

Don't be sad because I just uploaded a YouTube video in my YouTube channel with a few Close Beta Keys for you to use. It's a very short video and you will find the Close Beta Keys by simply watching it. The video is embedded below.

For those of you who are not familiar with Wakfu, Wakfu is a free-to-play anime-style massively multiplayer roleplaying game that uses a turn-based combat system. This makes combat in Wakfu more tactical because the turn-based combat system gives players more time to think and plan their moves. It's like playing chess.

For more information about Wakfu On STEAM, visit the official Wakfu page on STEAM.

Update: Here are a few more Wakfu On STEAM Close Beta Keys!
  • FN9LW-25PNY-Q06ZV
Update: Four more Wakfu On STEAM Close Beta Keys
Please don't get mad or hate if the keys don't work when you got them because these keys can only be used once. If someone got them and used them ahead of you then the keys will not work anymore. Thank you for understanding.

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