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Blacklight Retribution Asia Has No Players

Blacklight Retribution Asia is the Asian Server of Blacklight Retribution and it's published by IAHGames. It's a free-to-play sci-fi futuristic multiplayer online first-person-shooter developed by Zombie Studios.

Blacklight Retribution Asia

I got a chance to try and play Blacklight Retribution Asia but I was somewhat surprised with what I saw. After spending a few hours downloading the game installer, I installed the game, started it, created a new character but I wasn't able to play it.

Yes, I was in the game but I still couldn't play it because I was the only one in it. Blacklight Retribution is basically a Player Versus Player game and, without other players to play with, it's almost hard to play the game.

Who am I going to shoot? Obviously, I can't shoot myself? With no players to play with, I had no choice except to exit the game and uninstall it.

Keeping Blacklight Retribution Asia installed is pointless because I could always play in the PWE Servers of Blacklight Retribution.

To celebrate the fact that Blacklight Retribution has no players, I even created a short video about it and uploaded it to my YouTube channel. Please help me get some views for it by watching it below.

I don't know if I played the game at the wrong time but that doesn't really explain the zero amount of players in the game. Even if it was a bad time, there still should be at least a few players playing.

Anyway, for those of you who are looking to play Blacklight Retribution, I suggest you play in Perfect World Entertainment's Blacklight Retribution servers because it has more players playing the game.

To learn more about Blacklight Retribution, go to the official Blacklight Retribution website.

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