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Battleping Versus WTFast, Which Is Better In Lowering Ping?

A few days ago, I created and uploaded a video to my YouTube channel about Battleping and WTFast. In the video, I compared Battleping to WTFast but it wasn't really a comparison. It was more like stating which of the two programs I like better and that program was WTFast.

Battleping Versus WTFast, Which Is Better In Lowering Ping?

Unfortunately, Battleping users or fans of Battleping didn't like what I said because the video has gotten a few dislikes already. I don't understand why they would dislike it. As far as I know, I didn't say anything bad or wrong about Battleping.

The reason why I like WTFast better is because I never could make Battleping work. For some reason, it never detected any of the games that I tried on it. I do know Battleping works because many gamers are using it. It just so happened that it wouldn't work for me.

The video that I created and uploaded to my YouTube account is embedded below. Just click on the play button to watch it.

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Anyway, if you are a Battleping user who never used nor tried WTFast then why not give it a try now. WTFast is not free but you'll get a 30 Days Free Trial and you can extend it to another 14 days by simply sharing it in your Facebook profile.

Click here to go to the official website of WTFast where you can download the program for FREE!

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