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Wakfu Asia Gameplay Videos

Wakfu Asia Gameplay Videos? Check them out at my Kabalyero Plays YouTube Channel.

Wakfu is a free-to-play anime-style massively multiplayer online roleplaying game or simply MMORPG. I got to play in the Asian server of Wakfu and, as always, I recorded myself playing the game and uploaded the videos in my YouTube channels.

Wakfu Asia Gameplay Videos

One of my YouTube Channel is Kabalyero Plays and it contains Let's Play or Gameplay videos of various games like Wakfu Asia. Currently, my Wakfu Asia gameplay videos are very few but this will change because I'm still playing the game.

The YouTube video below is somewhat related to my Wakfu Asia Gameplay Videos because I'm basically inviting people to check out my Wakfu Asia Gameplay Videos in my Kabalyero Plays YouTube Channel.

The embedded YouTube video below is also a playlist and it will play all my Wakfu Asia Gameplay Videos. Just click on the Play button and watch them all. Hopefully, you'll enjoy watching them too.

By the way, if you're already playing Wakfu Asia then can you please help out a fellow Wakfu Asia player by subscribing to my YouTube channels. I will upload more Wakfu Asia Gameplay Videos for your viewing pleasure.

You can subscribe to my YouTube channels by clicking the Subscribe buttons in the sidebar.

Now, for those who are not familiar with Wakfu Asia and wants to give it a try then go to the official Wakfu Asia website to learn more about the game, create your free account and download the game client or installer.

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