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YouTube Community Guidelines Strike

Last May 2014, one of my YouTube Channels received a YouTube Community Guidelines Strike. The strike was given to a SMITE gameplay video. The video was just me playing SMITE and someone out there in the interwebz reported it as inappropriate and YouTube agreed. O_o

Community Guideline Strike - Sucky Gaming Video #33

Seriously, there was nothing inappropriate in the video. Yes, the quality of the video was low but having low quality or low resolution is not against any YouTube Community Guidelines. It doesn't look good but it's far from inappropriate.

The SMITE gameplay video that was flagged as inappropriate was in two parts. Only one was flagged, but to be safe, I deleted the other one too.

I appealed the strike but my appeal was rejected. I'm obviously very disappointed about this Community Guidelines Strike and my motivation to upload new videos in the channel went down a little.

I still don't know how a gameplay video of SMITE can have inappropriate content in it.

Anyway, I do have other YouTube channels and please help me build them up by subscribing to any of them. You'll find all my YouTube channels on the sidebar of this blog.

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