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Accused Of Taking 2,000 Linden Dollars In Second Life

I rarely log in to my account in Second Life and when I do it's usually just to play my land rent. Yesterday, I spent a few minutes in-world to build a simple office on my rented land.

While I was working, I suddenly received an instant message from a total and complete stranger. The stranger's Second Life name is sinser123 and he told me that I took 2,000 Linden Dollars from him through one of my donation devices.

It was a serious accusation and that's why I immediately checked my Linden Dollar Transaction History in Second Life. I checked it over and over but there was no 2,000 Linden Dollars recorded or listed in it. It was up-to-date because it listed my two most recent image upload fees.

I told sinser123 that I didn't see it in my Transaction History and his reply ended with a threat. His exact word were, "LL about to hear from me as well this is the second time it did this". O_o

Instant Message from sinser123

If what he's saying is true then I would see it in my Transaction History but I didn't because I never received 2,000 Linden Dollars from him.

Second Life Transaction History

I don't understand why this Second Life resident is doing this. If he wants to make or earn Linden Dollars then this is obviously not the way to do it because, not everyone is easily fooled. A simple Transaction History check will show if the transaction did happen or not and, in this case, it did not.

Anyway, I'm hoping that this kind of griefing (yes, it's griefing because it can cause grief) and unscrupulous tactics will not victimize any more residents or players in Second Life. There are better ways of earning Linden Dollars than falsely accusing other residents and threatening them with a report to Linden Lab.

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