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WTFast 20 Minutes Usage Limit Is Gone T_T

WTFast is an amazing program because it lets me play my favorite MMO with very little lag. When I was still using WTFast, it didn't only reduce my lag it also reduced my lag spikes.

WTFast is a paid service but I was able to use it for 30 Days For FREE because of its 30 Days Free Trial offer to new users. I also got to use it for another 90 Days using a 90 Day Subscription from the creator of WTFast.

WTFast also had a 20 minutes usage limit for free users. Before, I was able to use WTFast for free for 20 minutes but after 20 minutes WTFast would disconnect me from its server. Getting disconnected after 20 minutes wasn't a problem for me because I could always connect back for another 20 minutes.

WTFast 2-0 Minutes Usage Limit Is Gone

Unfortunately, this 20 minutes usage limit is now gone. When I try to use WTFast now, it will just say my subscription has expired and I need to subscribe to continue using it. It sucks but there's nothing I can do about it.

Why did the creator of WTFast removed the 20 minutes usage limit? I have no idea but I did ask him about it. His reply had nothing to do with the question though. It was more about new users getting a 30 days free trial.

The only reason why I haven't subscribed yet is because I don't play games everyday. Paying for a 30 days subscription for something that I will only use for a few hours is a waste of money.

I'd rather use the money to buy games in STEAM or LOL!

Anyway, if you are a hardcore gamer that plays MMOs and online FPS games more than 4 hours everyday then you should use WTFast specially if you are lagging badly. It will reduce your lag and lag spikes in-game and that will make you more competitive.

If you are a new user then you can use WTFast for free for 30 days. Just download WTFast for free, install it and give yourself an advantage over your opponents in your favorite online games.

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