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Ultima Online 2 It's Not, It's Shroud Of The Avatar

Ultima Online 2 may never see the light of day but the creator of Ultima Online, Richard Garriott, is currently working on the Spiritual Successor to Ultima and Ultima Online called Shroud of the Avatar.

Obviously, Richard Garriott is not working alone. He has a team of developers in Portalarium who are working with him. He also has a great community who are willing to provide input and feedback during the development process.

Shroud of the Avatar

Shroud of the Avatar is not Ultima Online 2. If you are planning on backing the game then it's very important that you know this fact before putting in any money to the development of Shroud of the Avatar as a backer. Knowing this fact before backing will prevent disappointments in the future.

As the spiritual successor to Ultima Online, Shroud of the Avatar will have features that are somewhat similar to Ultima Online like the classless characters, non-instanced housing, extensive and robust crafting and others.

Even with some similarities, Shroud of the Avatar will never be Ultima Online 2 because, unlike Ultima Online and other MMORPGs, Shroud of the Avatar is not a true MMO (massively multiplayer online) game. Instead, Shroud of the Avatar will be a "selective multiplayer" game.

Simply stated, Shroud of the Avatar will use a system where it will only show you players who are somewhat connected with you in some way. Also, Shroud of the Avatar will have 3 online play modes and 1 offline play mode.

The 3 online play modes are multiplayer online, friends online and single player online. The offline play mode is simply called single player offline.

Having a single player online option is great for those who enjoy playing solo but having a single player offline option is even better because it will let people play the game without internet connection.

Friends online is great for those who only wants to play with their friends.

Another feature that will differentiate Shroud of the Avatar from Ultima Online is the Card-Based Combat System. This combat system will make Shroud of the Avatar different from other MMORPGs out there today. You can learn more about Combat and PvP in Shroud of the Avatar here.

Shroud of the Avatar is the spiritual successor to Ultima Online but it's not and never going to be Ultima Online 2. Besides, Ultima Online is owned by Electronic Arts anyway. If you are looking for Ultima Online 2 then you'll need to petition EA for that.

To learn more about Shroud of the Avatar, visit the official Shroud of the Avatar forum. You'll find tons of information about the development game and you can even participate in the many discussion threads. The Shroud of the Avatar Community is a great community filled with mature, intelligent and passionate people.

Now, if you want to back or support Shroud of the Avatar's development with a pledge then simply go to the official Shroud of the Avatar website, create an account and choose from the different available pledge levels. Please use User ID Number 75787 as your referrer. I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you very much for reading this post about Shroud of the Avatar and, if you're a fan of the Ultima Series then please do tell your friends about it. ^_^

Below are Pre-Alpha YouTube videos of Shroud of the Avatar. Remember, the game is not yet in Alpha, it's still in Pre-Alpha which means the game will still go through a ton of changes and updates before its official release.

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