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Helodeck's Bad Spawns, Getting Worse, Blacklight: Retribution

Blacklight: Retribution is one of my favorite online multiplayer first-person shooter. I'm not good at playing it but I still play it because I enjoy it. I don't care about kill/death ratio or whatever because I'm not in it to compete. I'm playing it to have fun and getting a few kills here and there is enough fun for me.

In one of my recent Blacklight: Retribution games, I played 20 minutes of Team Deathmatch in Helodeck. Helodeck is Blacklight: Retribution's smallest map. It's a great map with lots of action and intense fast-paced shooting but it also has one flaw. That one flaw is the fact that it has bad spawns.

Helodeck's Bad Spawns, Bad, Bad, Bad...

Unfortunately, Helodeck's bad spawns is getting worse and worse every update. For example, in one instance, I spawned in the game and enemies started spawning right beside me. I was lucky because they didn't notice me and I was able to get a couple of kills from it.

Obviously, that was not always the case. In other instances, I would spawn right in-front of them and that always resulted to my death. It sucks when it happens but there's nothing I can do about it. Hopefully, the developer of Blacklight: Retribution can fix this problem in future updates.

Anyway, even with Helodeck's bad spawns, the map is still playable and enjoyable. In fact, some players are just laughing at how bad the spawns are in Helodeck.

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