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Bleach MMORPG, Bleach: Las Noches, Free-To-Play, BYOND

One of the most searched video in my YouTube channel is Bleach MMORPG. I had a video of a Bleach MMORPG uploaded to my channel a long time ago and it's still drawing a lot of traffic. Unfortunately, the Bleach MMORPG in the video didn't move forward in its development. In other words, it died.

Recently, I did a few google search for Bleach MMORPG and my search took me to a Bleach MMORPG called Bleach: Las Noches. I have no idea what Las Noches means but it was indeed a Bleach MMORPG inspired by the anime.

This particular Bleach MMORPG, Bleach: Las Noches, is a 2D retro-style MMORPG developed and powered by BYOND. From how I understand it, BYOND is an application that can be used to develop 2D retro-style MMO games and Bleach: Las Noches was created using this application.

To play Bleach: Las Noches, I had to download and install the BYOND game client. It's a very small program that's why I didn't hesitate to download and install it. I also created a free BYOND account so that I could play Bleach: Las Noches or any other BYOND games.

In BYOND, I searched for Bleach and the search result displayed a few Bleach games listed. Bleach: Las Noches had the most players and that's why I chose to play in it.

The YouTube video below will show you my first time playing in Bleach: Las Noches, a free 2D retro-style Bleach MMORPG based on the popular anime.

After watching the video above and you're still interested in trying out this Bleach MMORPG then click this link,

Again, this Bleach MMORPG is in 2D, it has a retro-style to it, it uses the BYOND game client to run and it's free-to-play.

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