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Divine Souls, Fighting The Chimera, Boss Fight

Divine Souls, Not Too Many Players Playing

Divine Souls is a very nice free-to-play action-mmo game. It's easy to play and the controls are extremely simple. So, why are gamers not interested in playing it? I seriously doesn't understand why this very nice game is not being played by more players.

I strongly believe that the publisher must do something to re-invigorate the interest of players to play the game. If they must do a massive advertisement campaign to get more players then they should do it. If not players will just pass this game by without even taking a glimpse at it.

Chimera, Boss Fight

When my fighter was still at Level 12, I had a chance to go one-on-one with the Chimera. It's a freakingly huge monster with three heads, a pair of wings, long armored tail and huge claws. In other words, it's a very scary monster.

There were also two Steam Goblins assisting the Chimera but I took both of them out quickly. These two goblins are canon users. If I didn't take them out first then they would had caused problems for me. For example, I would had taken damage from their canons while fighting the Chimera.

Fighting The Chimera

Fighting and defeating the Chimera was very easy. All I did was, stay far away from it, waited for it to attack, dodged or moved out of its way and countered with a series of combos. The Chimera had a ton of HP but, once it dropped to nothing, it died and fell flat on its belly.

It took me 5 minutes to defeat the Chimera. It took that long because I was using the Hit-And-Run tactic. Going toe-to-toe with it is not a very good idea because it deals a lot of damage. Getting hit by the Chimera a few times can mean death to any player characters.

Play Divine Souls

If you like playing games like Neverwinter, C9, Dragon Nest and other action-mmo games then why not give Divine Souls a try. It's free-to-play and, you can learn more about it, as well as, download the installer at

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