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Luvinia World, How To Change Screen Resolution To 1280x720

Luvinia World is the second coming of Luvinia Online. It was previously published by Outspark but it's now published by SOA Games. It's a free-to-play fantasy themed MMORPG developed by Simo Technology for Shandagames.

Limited Screen Resolutions

One of the things that I immediately didn't like about Luvinia World is its limited options for screen resolutions. I like to play my games in 1280x720 because it works well with my current monitor. I can say that it's currently my favorite screen resolution.

Changing Screen Resolution To 1280x720

Fortunately, I found an easy and simple way of changing Luvinia World's screen resolution to 1280x720 and it involves a little editing the params.ini file. After editing the file, I saved it, launched the game and the game loaded in a 1280x720 window.

Now, if you also want to change your Luvinia World's screen resolution to 1280x720 then simply follow the steps below:
  • go to your Luvinia World's installation folder
  • find and open the setup folder
  • find and open the file params.ini
  • change fullscreen to 0, change width to 1280 and change height to 720
  • save the file and launch the game
After doing the steps above, your installed copy of Luvinia World will run or load in a 1280x720 window.

If you are having some problems following the steps then please watch the YouTube video below. It will show you what to do and what to edit.

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