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Blacklight Retribution Dropzone Patching Is Very Slow

Blacklight Retribution Dropzone

Blacklight: Retribution just had its latest update and it's called Dropzone. This latest patch includes the following;
  • the new map called Dropzone
  • the Barricade Mk2
  • the Cloak Mk2
  • the Sonic Tomahawk
  • and the Infrared Protection Gear
This patch also increased the Level Cap from 40 to 50 with Level Rewards for players reaching Levels 45 and 50. What are these Level Rewards? Players that reach Level 45 will receive the new Winter Ops Camo. Level 50 players will receive the novelty Bearded Ops camo.

Blacklight Retribution Dropzone Patching Is Very Slow

Of course, this patch also had a ton of bug fixes and game balancing tweaks which are very much needed by the game.

Dropzone Patching Is Very Slow

The problem with this patch is not the patch itself but the patching process. For some reason, Blacklight: Retribution's game launcher patches the game at an extremely slow speed. It took my game launcher 5 hours to patch the game halfway and it finished the darn thing after another 5 hours.

That's 10 hours of patching. WTF!

I know that not everyone has this problem but I'm very sure that I'm not the only one who experienced this extremely slow patching. Other players have been complaining about it as well in the official Blacklight: Retribution's Official Forum.

Dropzone Slow Patching YouTube Video

Below is a YouTube video that talks about Blacklight: Retribution's extremely slow patching.

Anyway, my installed copy of Blacklight: Retribution is already patched. It took the game launcher 10 hours (more or less) to patch it and, after playing in the new map for the first time, I can say that the wait wasn't very disappointing.

Blacklight: Retribution is a free-to-play online multiplayer first-person-shooting game developed by Zombie Studios and published by Perfect World Entertainment.

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