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Redeemed 1,000 Linden Dollars From Stuffpoint

Redeemed 1,000 Linden Dollars

Today, I spent 4,000 points to redeem 1,000 Linden Dollars in Stuffpoint. It was my first time redeeming a reward from Stuffpoint after many months of membership. It took me that long to redeem because I wasn't very active in Stuffpoint.

Stuffpoint, Second Life Linden Dollars

For those of you who are not familiar with Stuffpoint, it's a website where you can earn points by completing simple tasks like uploading a picture, voting on a poll, etc. Once you have enough points in your account, you can then use these points to redeem a reward.

Stuffpoint Rewards

The rewards you can redeem in Stuffpoint is a lot. For example, you can use your points to redeem PEDs for your Entropia Universe account, IMVU Credits for your IMVU account, Linden Dollars for your Second Life account and others. You can even use your points to redeem real-life items from Amazon.

Redeemed 1,000 Linden Dollars in Stuffpoint

In my case, I'll use my points in Stuffpoint to redeem Free Linden Dollars for my Second Life account. The Free Linden Dollars that I get from Stuffpoint will help pay my land rent in Second Life. I'll also use it to fund my 7Seas Fishing Marathons.

Need Linden Dollars? Join Stuffpoint

Now, if you are looking for an easy way of earning Free Linden Dollars for your Second Life account then I strongly suggest that you try Stuffpoint. Joining Stuffpoint is easy, if you don't know how then simply follow the list below:
  • In your internet browser, go to Stuffpoint's website (click here)
  • Click on the "join stuffpoint" link located above the homepage
  • Fill-up the form with all the required information and submit it
With your new Stuffpoint account, login and start earning points by doing various tasks and/or completing surveys and offers. By the way, I haven't done a single survey or offer in Stuffpoint but I still earned enough points to redeem 1,000 Linden Dollars.

So, what are you still waiting for? Don't you want to get Free Linden Dollars for your Second Life? If you do then join Stuffpoint today, start earning points and, soon, you'll have all the Free Linden Dollars you want.

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