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AVA Launcher Closes, No Error Message Displayed

AVA Launcher Closes

A couple of days ago, I downloaded and installed AVA or Alliance of Valiant Arms because the new update called Battle Gear Beginz got me interested to try it out. I downloaded the installer from the official SEA Region website of AVA and installed.

AVA Battle Gear Beginz

After installing AVA, I tried to play it but the launcher was having some kind of problem. Logging-in to the game did nothing. The launcher would just close itself without notice and there was also no error message displayed which kinda made it very difficult to troubleshoot.

AVA Launcher Problem Resolved Itselt

My search for a solution to the problem that I was experiencing with AVA's Launcher lead me to the official forum of AVA SEA but it wasn't very much of a help. I also searched Google for a solution but it also didn't help me with my AVA SEA Launcher problem.

After a day of waiting, the launcher problem I was experiencing miraculously resolved itself. Suddenly, I was able to login to my account and the launcher wasn't closing on itself anymore. It was great for a few minutes because a new problem appeared.

Game Crashing, Not Worth The Trouble

The game would crash after a few minutes of play. At first I thought it was because the graphics setting of the game was set to high. I immediately changed the graphics setting and set it to low but it didn't fix the problem. The game would still crash even at low graphics setting.

I eventually stopped trying at that point because I already placed too much time and effort on a game that I just wanted to try out. I still have it installed but I will eventually uninstall it one of these days to save hard disk space.

Below is a YouTube video that shows my problem with AVA's game launcher.

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