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My Sanctuary Guards Helm In RIFT

RIFT Bonus Loyalty

Two days after RIFT went Free-To-Play, I received an e-mail from TRION saying that my account received some bonus Loyalty for all the time I was subscribed to RIFT before the game went Free-To-Play. I was only subscribed for one month and I didn't even pay for that subscription because I got it from Raptr Rewards for free.

To check if I did get the bonus Loyalty rewards, I logged-in to my RIFT account. The game moved my account to the Free Trial Server when my one month subscription expired many months ago. I need to move or transfer it to a regular server now that the game is Free-To-Play.

RIFT Veteran Rewards

Before I could move my character to a new server, I must first empty its mailbox. To do that, I entered the Free Trial Server, selected my character and entered the game. In the game, I looked for the mailbox and opened my mail.

The mail was from TRION and it contained my one month Veteran rewards and it includes a Sanctuary Guards Helm. There were other items in the package but I forgot what they were. I didn't forget about the Sanctuary Guards Helm because my character is currently using it in-game.

Sanctuary Guards Helm

The Sanctuary Guards Helm is a cosmetic only item. As a cosmetic only item, using or wearing it won't give my character any stats bonus. It's only purpose is to change my character's appearance.

Having a cosmetic only item is not all bad because it makes my character look different from other player characters. I can also use it to hide my character's real worn gears or equipments. Besides, I got it for FREE so complaining about it is kinda pointless. He he he!

Play RIFT Today

RIFT is a good MMORPG because it's a very huge game with tons of things to do. It's not an Action-based MMORPG but you'll get tons of activities from various events that happen regularly. Seriously, fighting off invading armies or monsters from the RIFT is never boring.

If you're tired of playing World Of Warcraft then why not give RIFT Free-To-Play a try. To learn more about RIFT and to download the game for FREE, click here.

Kabalyero Kidd
Sanctuary Guards Helm
Reviewer: Kabalyero Kidd
Date: .
Summary: The Sanctuary Guards Helm is a free item from RIFT.
Description: A free Helm from RIFT. It doesn't have any stats and its only for cosmetic changes.
Rating: 5.0

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  1. Is this also available to free-to-play players of rift? Or is it for patrons only?


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