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My Old Cabal Online YouTube Videos

In 2008, E-Games published one of the best MMORPG in the country called Cabal Online. It's a fantasy themed MMORPG set in the world of Nevareth and it was a very addicting game. I played it for a few weeks before permanently quitting.

I had two characters in Cabal Online, a Warrior and a Force Blader. My warrior was already over Level 100 when I quit the game and I reached it in only a few weeks without buying any items that boost EXP gain in the Item Shop.

After quitting Cabal Online, I moved on to other games but I mostly spent my time after Cabal Online in Second Life where I learned how to build items and sell them to other Second Life residents.

My Old Cabal Online Videos In YouTube

Anyway, this post is about my old Cabal Online videos in YouTube. Unfortunately, I don't have access to that particular YouTube account anymore because I kinda gave it to the person who bought my MMORPG Realm blog.

Kabalyero In Cabal Online

The Quest


These two videos were entries to the first Cabal Online Video Making Contest. Unfortunately, I didn't win but I did have lots of fun making them. Also, The Quest was one of the Finalist in the contest and it was seen by hundreds of people in Cabal's Grand Launch at Glorietta.

Cabal Online Today

Cabal Online is now under Level Up and it's no longer the same game as before because it already had tons of updates. Will I play Cabal Online again? I don't think so because it's already an old game. I'd rather play Cabal Online 2 than go back to Cabal Online.

Cabal Online 2 or Cabal 2 is a much better looking game than Cabal Online. Unfortunately, I can't say anything yet about the actual gameplay because it's not out yet but I'll definitely play it as soon as it goes out

If you want to learn more about Cabal 2 then simply click here.

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  1. Wow Cabalista! Cabalista din ako, hehe sa Mercury. I like the videos,it brings back the past days of Cabal

  2. Thanks! I enjoyed the game when I was playing it. I was in Venus server. ^_^


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