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How To Set Your Skills In Assault Fire PH

Multiplayer Online First-Person-Shooting Games (MOFPS)

 Currently, I have four multiplayer online first-person-shooting games installed and they are Blacklight: Retribution, District 187, Crossfire PH and Assault Fire PH. Blacklight: Retribution and District 187 are both under my STEAM account and installation while the other two were installed separately.

Of course, the one I like most is Blacklight: Retribution because its customization feature is simply amazing. I can customize both my character and weapons to match my playing style anytime I want. It also has awesome features not found in other MOFPS games like the HRV, digital taunts, nodes and others.

Playing Assault Fire PH

I just love Blacklight: Retribution but, these past few days, one of the MOFPS games that I frequently played was Assault Fire PH. It's a free-to-play MOFPS game published by Level Up Philippines. It's an okay game with an okay graphics and extremely familiar gameplay.

Assault Fire

One of the few things that I like in Assault Fire is the Seashore Town map. It's an exact copy of the De_Dust2 map which is my favorite map in Counter-Strike. Also, playing Search & Destroy in this map feels very much like Counter-Strike.

Skills In Assault Fire

Recently, I noticed that Assault Fire rewards my character a skill every time it goes up a Level. I didn't pay any attention to it because I thought it was added automatically to my character.

The last time my character leveled up, I decided to look for it and I found it under Storage. The Storage has tabs for Weapons, Avatars, Gifts, Items and Skills. Obviously, clicking on Skills displayed all the skills available to my character.

Setting My Character's Skills

Currently, my character has very few skills because he is still a low level newbie. To equip a skill, I simply clicked on the Equip button of the skill that I want and it was added to my character's free or available skill slots. My character only has three skill slots which means I can only equip three 1 slot skills.

Assault Fire PH Skills

Unfortunately, some skills use two slots and equipping a two slots skill will leave me with 1 free skill slot to use. For my character, I equipped the two slots Regen skill and the one slot Fastswitch skill. The Regen skill will slowly restore my HP over time and the Fastswitch skill will increase my character's weapon switching speed.

Skills Are Cool And Useless

Skills are cool and equipping them in Assault Fire is easy but skills are only available in PVE and X-PVP Game Modes which makes them useless in other Game Modes. In any case, I don't think these skills will greatly affect how I play the game because I don't play in PVE modes often.

Remember, these skills are different from your actual playing skills. Playing skills are your real-life individual talent while these skills are in-game skills provided by the game. If you want to stay competitive in Assault Fire PH then you'll have to play a lot to practice and enhance your playing skills.

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