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How To Check And Lower Your Ping In Crossfire PH

What In Crossfire PH?

Crossfire PH is the Philippine version of the game Crossfire. It's a free-to-play multiplayer online first-person-shooting (MOFPS) game published by GameClub Philippines. It's very easy to play and it's extremely fast-paced which is very common with today's modern MOFPS games.

Crossfire is also a very competitive MOFPS because it's purely a Player versus Player (PvP) game. It does have Zombie Game Modes where a team of players fight Zombies and try to survive but still the heart of the game is in its PvP (Destruction, Team Deathmatch, Free-For-All and others).

What Is Ping In Games?

Ping refers to network latency between two computers. In competitive games like Crossfire, it's the network latency of your computer and the game server. It's commonly represented in milliseconds. Having a Low Ping is always better than having a very High Ping because a High Ping means lag. The Higher the Ping, the laggier the game becomes.

How To Check Your Ping In Crossfire PH?

Checking your Ping in Crossfire Philippines is very easy. All you have to do is enter a game or match and, while you're playing, simply press the Tab key to display the games current scores.

The window that will appear will show you information about the two competing teams like Call Sign, Clan Name, Kill/Death and Status. To know what your current Ping is, just take a look at the Status column. The numbers displayed in that column represent the Pings of each player.

Remember, the lower the ping number, the better.

How To Lower Your Ping In Crossfire PH?

As you can see from the screenshots above, my Ping is very, very low. It jumps from 10ms to 30ms. What did I do to get such low pings? The answer to that question is NOTHING. I did nothing to my computer to lower my ping in Crossfire Philippines.

Currently, my ISP is SmartBRO or MyBRO. It's not the best ISP in the Philippines but, for some reason, it's giving me a very nice Ping to Crossfire Philippines game servers.

I also don't have any programs installed that hog or constantly use internet connection like those P2P downloaders. These downloaders use your internet connection to upload or seed downloaded files for other P2P users.

If you are getting High Pings then you can try tweaking your internet connection with Razer Game Booster. It's a free program that will boost your gaming experience by tweaking your internet connection and by closing programs and system services not needed in gaming.

WTFast And Crossfire PH

Another program that eliminates lag by reducing latency or Ping is WTFast but I don't think it'll work with Crossfire Philippines. The Philippines is not a big country. The distance between the game server and players are not that great specially if the player is also in the Philippines.

The problem lies more on the quality of the players' internet connection. If you have a good ISP then you won't suffer from high pings. Also, players playing in Gaming Internet Cafes may suffer from high pings because they're sharing only one internet connection.

Download WTFast For FREE!

Players outside the Philippines may want to try using WTFast to lower their Ping or latency. I can't guarantee if it'll work but, remember, WTFast is very well known to reduce lag in other competitive games like TERA, League of Legends, DoTA and others.

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  2. My normal ping is about 2ms in speedtests but when I play the game it goes up to 3k ping, tbh this game is shit

  3. its because you have no qos in your network...


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