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Worst Than Having A Bad Team In Blacklight: Retribution

So, what's worst than having a bad team or a bad game in Blacklight: Retribution? The answer is very simple and that's having a good team mate that does nothing but complain, cry and whine about everything. Seriously!!!

I'm not good in Blacklight: Retribution but I do love playing it and I don't care whether I'm playing with good players or bad players. Some players get annoyed or irritated when they're playing with bad players, I don't. The only thing that annoys me in Blacklight: Retribution are players who constantly complain about everything.

These players complain and whine about:
  • team mates not hacking the panel in SIEGE (seriously, why don't they just do it themselves)
  • players who kill them with the AMR
  • players who kill them with the AK470
  • players who kill them with the BAR
  • players who kill them with Incendiary Ammo
  • players who kill them with Poison Ammo
  • having a bad TEAM (when they're bad themselves)
  • players not knowing how to play the game (teach them, instead of complaining about it)
  • having a NOOB TEAM
  • players with heavy build or 250 HP
  • players who run fast
  • other petty things not mentioned in this list
Seriously, if these players are so good that it bothers or annoys them so much then they shouldn't bother playing in PUBLIC matches. Public Matches is where everyone plays. Good and bad players are welcome to play in Public Matches.

If they want to play with a Good Team then they shouldn't play in Public Matches because you can't pick your Team Members in Public Matches. The computer picks them for you. They should just stick in Clan Matches where they can play with their fellow Clan Members who are good or even better than them.

Complaining is okay but if that's the only thing you do while playing the game then it becomes extremely annoying. Really good players don't complain, they just beat the hell out of their opponents and win.

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