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Raptr Blacklight: Retribution Rewards Claimed

I just claimed all my Raptr Blacklight: Retribution Rewards and you can also get these rewards if you're playing Blacklight: Retribution and you have Raptr's Desktop Client installed on your gaming computer.

Raptr and Blacklight: Retribution is giving away three Rewards and these are the Blacklight: Retribution Elite Pack, Experienced Pack and Newbie Pack. The Raptr Reward that you'll get will depend on how long you've been playing Blacklight: Retribution.

Blacklight: Retribution Rewards

Elite Pack - To get the Elite Pack, you must have an Elite Raptr Rank in Blacklight: Retribution. The content of this pack are the following:
  • AK470 Assault Rifle
  • Receiver Shotgun
  • Raptr Gun Tag
Experienced Pack -Your Raptr Rank in Blacklight: Retribution must be Experienced or above to get this pack. This pack includes the following items:
  • Helmet: Overmatch Bonebreaker BKR.a
  • Tag: Winged Skull (HRV Recharge Rate)
  • Metallic Gold Weapon Camo
Newbie Pack - This pack is for those who just played Blacklight: Retribution and has a Newbie Rank in Raptr.  The items included in this pack are:
  • Secondary: Machine Pistol
  • Tag: 45 Caliber (increases Damage)
  • Metallic Gold Body Camo

All Blacklight: Retribution Rewards Claimed

Having played Blacklight: Retribution for many, many months, my Raptr Rank in Blacklight: Retribution is already Elite. This rank doesn't only qualify me for the Elite Pack, it also qualifies me for the Experienced and Newbie Packs.

I claimed and got all of them and now I'm enjoying them in the game specially the AK470 Assault Rifle Receiver. It's a cross between an Assault Rifle and a Submachine Gun.

Play Blacklight: Retribution, Install Raptr To Get These Rewards

Blacklight: Retribution is Free-To-Play and it's an amazing Multiplayer Online First-Person-Shooting Game. It has tons of possible customizations making each soldier or character almost unique or different from one another.

With Raptr installed in your computer, it will track your game time which will qualify you to receive various rewards in the future.

To learn more about Blacklight: Retribution and to play the game for FREE, CLICK HERE!

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  1. I registered in Raptr but I don't see any of the rewards. What gives?

  2. It says i cannot claim it because i have problems with my account.
    What can i do?


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