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How To Get The Retribution Elite Camo In Blacklight: Retribution?

While I was customizing my character today in Blacklight: Retribution, I noticed a new Decorative Armor Camo. The name of this Armor Camo is Retribution Elite and it has a black and blue color. Unfortunately, this Retribution Elite Armor Camo is Not For Sale.

How To Get The Retribution Elite Armor Camo?

The Retribution Elite Armor Camo is marked as an AWARD which means it can only be acquired through something special like an Event or a Special Sale. I did a little Google searching and I found out how to get this Armor Camo.

To get the Retribution Elite Armor Camo in Blacklight: Retribution, all you had to do was buy a Blacklight T-Shirt from Zombie Studio's store. The code for the Retribution Elite Armor Camo would come with the T-Shirt. By the way, this was a limited run sale and it ended on January 31, 2013.

The T-Shirt was designed by Jared Gerritzen and Duncan Kay. The design is printed on a black 100% cotton shirt using white ink.

Too Late To Get The T-Shirt And The Camo

I guess it's too late to get the T-Shirt but it's never too late to join and play Blacklight: Retribution. It's an action-packed multiplayer online first-person shooting game and it's Free-To-Play. It's also one of the best multiplayer online shooter today.

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