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Remove Lag In SMITE with WTFast, Improve Your Game

SMITE is a Free-To-Play MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. It's basically the same as DoTA (Defense of the Ancients, LOL (League of Legends) and others. If you like playing DoTA or LOL then you should try playing SMITE.

Victory In SMITE Is Guaranteed With WTFast

Unlike most MOBA games, SMITE is in third-person which makes it more fast-paced and more action-oriented. Character control is much better than the traditional point-and-click system found in other MOBA games.

Lag! Lag! Lag!

MOBA games are all about players competing against other players. In other words, it's all about PvP. The same is true with SMITE since it's a MOBA game. That's why LAG is a very important because having a bad lag won't get you anywhere in SMITE.

Now, lag is determined by your internet speed and your physical distance from the game server. Data needs to travel from your computer to the game server and back. The nearer you are from the game server, the better. If you are too far from the game server then you'll have a not so decent amount of lag.

Improve Your Game With WTFast

So, if you are suffering from LAG in SMITE then WTFast is what you need. WTFast will remove or, at least, lessen the amount of lag that you experience while playing SMITE. WTFast will connect you from a location that's close or near the server of the game you're playing.

In fact, WTFast will let you pick the location to connect from. You can pick the one that's closest to your game's server and WTFast will connect you from it. It's like you're playing from just around the corner.

30 Days Free Trial

Unfortunately, WTFast is not free but you can use it for 30 Days absolutely FREE. After the 30 Days Free Trial, you can continue to enjoy the benefits of using WTFast by paying a very, very small subscription free that starts at a very low price of only $5.99 USD a month.

If you don't want to subscribe immediately after the 30 Days Free Trial then you can continue using WTFast for free as an Advance Trial by creating a free WTFast account. Please note that Advance Trial users will have their WTFast stop every 20 minutes. Subscribing will remove this 20 minutes limit.

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