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Quick Look At Big Win Basketball For Android

I play games in my Android phone and tablet all the time specially when I'm not using my desktop computer. With that said, I recently downloaded and installed a game from Google Play called Big Win Basketball. I was searching for a nice basketball game for my Android phone and it was one of the few interesting ones that I found.

I found Big Win Basketball interesting because it was different from the others where I have to swipe the screen to shoot the ball. In Big Win Basketball, I don't remember doing any swiping because the game actually plays itself. I was just like a spectator watching the games unfold. LOL!

How Big Win Basketball Is Played

Big Win Basketball is played like a Fantasy Basketball Game where you create a team and manages that team to victory. But, unlike a Fantasy Basketball Game, Big Win Basketball relies heavily on Game Cards. From these Game Cards, you'll get Uniforms, New Players, Player Skills, Game Advantages or Boosts and a whole lot of other things.

The key to playing Big Win Basketball is the Game Cards. Properly managing it as well as your funds can mean success or failure for your team. Remember, there are Game Cards that can update or upgrade your players' abilities or skills. The better your players are, the better they'll perform in the games.

The Games

The actual games in Big Win Basketball are played automatically. Winning or losing is determined by how your players match-up with the other team's players. Of course, Game Cards play a huge factor as well because they can affect how each team plays.

For example, you can use Game Cards in a game that can make your players shoot better free throws or get more offensive and defensive rebounds or make better passes, etc. In every game played, you can use at least three of these Game Cards.

As soon as you start a game, you can choose to either watch the whole game, watch the highlights or skip it entirely. At first, I enjoyed watching the game but it was time consuming and, since it's already automated, I've decided to just skip it. Skipping will display the result of the game immediately.

Is Big Win Basketball Fun?

In a way, Big Win Basketball is fun but it can become frustrating specially when you start losing all the time. Also, I always find myself with no funds and, without any funds, buying Game Cards is very, very difficult.

In any case, Big Win Basketball is a nice game for casual gamers. It may not appeal to everyone but if you like basketball games then you should at least give this game a try.

Here is a YouTube video of Big Win Basketball that I saved myself.

You can download Big Win Basketball for FREE through your Android device in Google Playstore.

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