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My Quick Look At UberStrike

A few days ago, I received an email requesting me to cover a Facebook game called UberStrike. The name of the game was very familiar because I played it once before. I was looking for a good First-Person-Shooting game in Facebook and that was how I first came upon UberStrike. Unfortunately, I didn't play it that long because I never got good at it. LOL!

UberStrike, First-Person-Shooting Game In Facebook

Yesterday, I logged-in to my other Facebook account to try out UberStrike again. Finding UberStrike in Facebook wasn't hard. I just entered UberStrike in the search field and the results dropped down below and the first one on the list was the game itself.

As I've said, I played UberStrike before that's why it didn't ask me for permission anymore. The game just loaded and, after it finished loading, the Daily Lucky Draw appeared where I was asked to Play which I did. When that was over the game's main screen appeared.

The UberStrike Main Screen

The main screen has my character on the right and the game menu is on the left. Also, my character's level is displayed below my character. By the way, my character's name is Kabalyero Kidd.

The game menu on the main screen has the following items:
  • Play
  • Shop
  • Profile
  • Inbox
  • Clans
  • Options
  • Chat
Obviously, the two most important items on the game menu are Play and Shop Clicking on Play will take me to the game itself while clicking on Shop will take me to the Item Shop where I can buy various items for my character.

The other items are important too but they're not that important

Play UberStrike

To play UberStrike, I clicked on the Play button and it opened a sub-menu that has the following; Join Game, New Game, Explore Maps and Back. Clicking on Join Game opened the Server list page where I was automatically assigned to a server.

In the server that was automatically assigned to me, I was able to choose from various on-going games. To start playing UberStrike, I just need to choose from and join any of the available or open games.

The Actual Game

As I've stated above, UberStrike is a First-Person-Shooter like Counter-Strike but it doesn't feel nor does it look like Counter-Strike. Based on the few games that I played after playing the game again, I can safely conclude that I SUCK AT UBERSTRIKE. LOL!

UberStrike, First-Person-Shooting Game In Facebook

I'm a decent Blacklight: Retribution player but I'm terrible in UberStrike. I just couldn't hit anyone. I thought that praying and spraying would help but, no, it didn't. My opponents just kept on killing me with headshots. I tried to play defensively but it did nothing.

The Game's Graphics

For a fast-paced first-person-shooting game in Facebook, I find the graphics of UberStrike decent. Of course, it's not as beautiful as the graphics of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive but, for a Facebook game, it's good enough.

Besides, I always prefer performance over graphics because, even though I have a decent PC for gaming, getting a few extra frames-per-second means a lot in a first-person-shooting game like UberStrike.

UberStrike, First-Person-Shooting Game In Facebook

Customization, Credits And Points

UberStrike has a ton of items for sale in the Shop and I can use these items to fully customize my character in the game. I can buy new clothes, new weapons, etc. and I can pay for any of them using UberStrike credits.

Unfortunately, I don't have any credits in UberStrike but, I can always buy credits with real money and pay for it through PayPal which I'm not going to do. LOL!

UberStrike, First-Person-Shooting Game In Facebook

Of course, I can also use the points I've earned from playing the game to pay for some of the items but, the problem is, items that are purchasable with point are very limited and they're level locked. So, to buy them with points, I must first unlock them by leveling-up my character.

Lag In UberStrike

For any online game that features human players fighting against other human players, the differences in lag between the players can definitely decide the match even before it starts. When I played UberStrike, I experienced very little lag.

It was so little that it was hardly noticeable. I get very little lag because I always choose the server that has the least number of ping. The lower the number of ping the server has, the better because it will not lag too much.

My Recommendation

UberStrike is a very decent game and it's played by millions of people around the world. The fact that I'm a terrible UberStrike player will never change that. So, if you're itching to play a decent first-person-shooting game in Facebook then give UberStrike a try.

Click Here To Play UberStrike In Facebook!


To all my faithful and wonderful readers and friends, this is not a paid post. Nobody paid me to write about UberStrike. I was requested to cover it and I covered it for FREE because I just love playing games. LOL!

FTC Disclosure: This post or video contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission for purchases made through my links.

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  1. Nice cover bro im a big fan of uberstrike n also im good at it
    But i think u didnt experienced the most awesome thing about it...........The cummunity
    i have many good friends there that its always fun time with them


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