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My First Good Game With Thor (Not A SMITE Thor Guide)

As a gamer, I'm not very good at playing games that's why I often go solo when I'm playing MMORPGs. Unfortunately, I can't solo MOBA-type games like SMITE because almost all of the available matches are team-based.

SMITE does have a SOLO mode but it's more for practice and I wouldn't gain any experience nor favors playing in that mode. There is also the Joust 1v1 game mode but it's only available to players Level 15 and up. I still need one more level to play in that game mode.

For now, all the game modes available to me are Team-based and these are Arena, Conquest, Domination and the Special Game Mode (it changes everyday).

The God of Thunder, Thor

The first God that I bought in the game is Thor and I purchased him using Favors. It took me 5,500 Favors to purchase the God of Thunder, Thor, and he was worth all the Favors.

As a God from Norse Mythology, Thor is Odin's son. Odin had many children but none of them is as famous or widely known as Thor. He has the power to move mountains and summon lightning from the sky but his greatest power comes from his weapon, the hammer called Mjolnir.

As a God character in SMITE, Thor is very strong physically and his defense is decent but he is weak against Magic. His skills or abilities are pretty decent and works well together if used properly. His Ultimate, Anvil Of Dawn, when combined with his Berserker Barrage skill can deal huge amounts of damage to any God.

Playing As Thor

In the game, I like to take advantage of his strong physical power and build Thor as a damage dealer. I like to experiment with various items that give physical power to see which one suits my playing style best.

Today, I had my very first good game playing as Thor in SMITE and the items that I used to get this good game were the following:
  • Warrior Tabi
  • Void Blade
  • Witch Stone
  • Titan's Bane
  • Qin's Blade
  • The Executioner
I think these items work well with my playing style because I love to hit and run. That's also the reason why I die a lot, LOL, but if my sudden charge deals a lot of damage then I can easily finish it off with normal attacks. If not then I can always teleport away using Mjonir's Attunement.

My First Good Game With Thor

In this game, I started slowly and played defensively. I avoided any direct confrontation with any enemy Gods because I wanted to build-up my Thor's level and item first. Unfortunately, the enemy God in my lane as too aggressive. He initiated contact but, fortunately, I already had Berserker Barrage and it finished him.

From that first kill, which was also the first kill of the match, everything went smoothly for me. Any enemy God that faced me either died or ran away with very little health to spare. In an instant, my God Thor was already Level 20 while the other Gods, including those in my team, were still at Level 12 to 15.

Getting that quick boost in Levels made Thor a God killing machine. Those boosts from the Jungle made taking down enemy Gods even more easier.

Unfortunately, Thor still died 3 times and it still took my team 40 minutes to finish the match with a victory.

Join Me In SMITE

I'm still not good in playing MOBA-type games like SMITE and I don't think this one good game will change that but, I know that if I continue playing SMITE regularly then I might just get more good games like this one. So, if you are looking for a fun MOBA game to play then why not join me in SMITE.

All you need to do to play SMITE is create a Free account, download the game and install it. SMITE won't cost you anything because it's Free-To-Play.

Click here to Join Me In SMITE!

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