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How To Change One Of Your Bags In Ragnarok Online 2

In Ragnarok Online 2, your items or inventory are stored in bags. The default bag can hold 20 items and that is not very much but you can extend it by adding up to 3 more bags. You can get additional bags from monster's drops or from quest NPC's as a reward. You can also buy a Super Large Bag that can hold up to 30 items from the Cash Shop but it's very expensive.

Bag must be empty before it can be removed or changed from the bag slot.

The different bags that you can get and use in Ragnarok Online 2 are Super Small Bag, Small Bag, Medium Bag and Super Large Bag. Super Small Bag can hold 5 items and Small Bag can hold 10 items while Medium Bag can hold 15 items.

To use a bag, all you have to do is right click on it. It will use one of your available bag slots (if there is any). You can also drag the bag from your inventory over the available bag slot to use it. If you've already used up all your 3 bag slots then you can never use more but you can always replace a bag with a better bag anytime you like,

For example, if you are using Small Bags in all your 3 bag slots and you want to replace one of them with a Medium Bag then, what you need to do is, empty the contents of the Small Bag you want to replace then drag the Medium Bag over its bag slot. Doing so will swap your Small Bag in the bag slot with your Medium Bag and your Small Bag will appear in your inventory instead.

Remember, you can only replace or change a bag in any of the bag slot if its empty. If it's not empty then you can't replace or change it. The only bag that you can't replace or change is the default bag or Basic Bag. All others are replaceable or changeable.

By the way, you can also remove a bag in the bag slot. Just make sure that it's empty and simply drag it back into your inventory.

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  1. I'm now curious to try Ragnarok just to see the unique features of the game.

    1. Ragnarok Online 2 is the same as the original Ragnarok game but it's also very different...

    2. same but different? what are you trying to say?

  2. [00:58:40] WTFast client v2.11
    [00:58:40] Your WTFast server is
    [00:59:15] Rag2.exe (9044) - matching BypassPorts rule : direct connection
    [00:59:45] Rag2.exe (9044) - matching Game rule : using proxy
    [00:59:46] Rag2.exe (9044) - open through proxy
    [00:59:46] Rag2.exe (9044) - GetSockName :
    [00:59:59] Rag2.exe (9044) - close, 1168 bytes (1.14 KB) sent, 9091 bytes (8.87 KB) received, lifetime 00:13
    [00:59:59] Rag2.exe (9044) - matching Game rule : using proxy
    [01:00:01] Rag2.exe (9044) - open through proxy
    [01:00:01] Rag2.exe (9044) - GetSockName :
    [01:00:15] Rag2.exe (9044) - matching Game rule : using proxy
    [01:00:15] Rag2.exe (9044) - close, 1257 bytes (1.22 KB) sent, 6547 bytes (6.39 KB) received, lifetime 00:14
    [01:00:17] Rag2.exe (9044) - error : Accept() failed with error 10054

    How to fix that eror dude!

  3. sir where can i get a super large bag? or is it dropped by any monster?

    1. It wont be drop,got to buy kafra shop

    2. How much if one super large bag is converted to philippine peso?


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