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RaiderZ Early Access Doesn't Work, Save Your Money, Don't Buy

A few hours ago, I purchased a RaiderZ Founder's Pack because I wanted to get an Early Access to the game but, to my disappointment, the game won't let me login to play. I tried and tried and tried again only to fail numerous times. All I'm getting was a message saying "Unable to connect at this time".

As you can see, this is very, very frustrating, annoying and irritating for me because, as a Free-To-Play player, I don't spend or I rarely spend money on Free-To-Play games like RaiderZ. The only reason why I spent money on this game is because I enjoyed playing it in Close Beta.

I enjoyed playing it so much that I didn't hesitate to purchase a Founder's Pack just to get an Early Access to the game but, now, I'm kinda regretting it because it feels like I just wasted money on it. I bought a Founder's Pack for the Early Access but I wasn't getting what I paid for.

A RaiderZ Community Manager posted in the game's official forum that they're currently looking into the problem. I guess I'll just have to muster enough patience and wait but, the problem with waiting is, I'm losing time. An Early Access is only valuable to me if I can actually access and play the game early. If not then it's worthless and the purchase was a total waste of hard earned money.

Anyway, I'll try again after a few more hours. If I still can't login then I'll just charge it to experience and never buy anything from Perfect World Entertainment again.

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