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Level 4 Adventure Ship

My ship in Voyage Century Online is an Adventure ship and to increase its level I need to increase its manueverability. I was stucked with a level 3 adventure ship for quite a long time but I decided it's time to get my ship to level 4. In order to do that I need to explore and discover stuff. So, I equipped my handy level 2 telescope (Pilot), bought 5000 provisions, hired 97 sailors, cleared my inventory and went out to sea to explore and find new discoveries.

To help me find new discoveries, I went to VCO forum and printed a copy of the Discovery list. I double checked the list with my own discoveries and I found out that most of the discoveries I need to find are level 3 discoveries.

So, I went around the Mediterranean, up North to Iceland, down to Cape Town and went through Asia and back.

Along the way, I found a lot of Wreckage Drifters, this are stuff floating on water. Wreckage Drifters are good sources of map pieces which can be pieced together to create a Treasurer Map. I also found level 1 and level 2 discoveries which I might have missed before.

I also have with me, 5 level 1 Treasure Maps. The treasures I found gave me anough reputation points to increase my Noble Rank to Baron.

I didn't try to discover everything in the list, I left 1 discovery which is near Madagascar but still I had found enough discoveries to level my ship's manueverability to 31. I then went back to Cape Town and had everything authenticated there. All of those discoveries upon authentication gave me 500k or more silvers.

After that, i went back to Europe, took the materials necessary for upgrade, went to Algiers and had my level 3 adventure ship rebuilt to level 4.

I want to dye the sails of my newly rebuilt ship but upon calculating the cost of dying the sails, I decided not too. Well, I guess untilI earned enough silver to do so.

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