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Sunk by CrossBones

I had my first PVP experience today with the Guild Leader of CrossBones, Chilla. I lost the battle but gained a lot of experience.

I did not plan the ecnounter with Chilla. I was battling a Pirate Ship when suddenly Chilla's Battleship entered the scene. He did not engaged me but instead attacked the pirate ship.

Of course, I will not let him get the kill so I decided to RAM the pirate ship. What he did then was he positioned his battleship between my ship and the pirate ship. I wasn't able to react quickly and I did not think that I will hit his battleship because my target is on the pirate ship. I was wrong.

The collision surprised me. I did not expect that. PVP was now on.

After sinking the pirate he began his attack on my ship. I tried counter-attacking but my canons won't fire. My cursor or pointer won't change into a targeting cursor. I realized that I still need to hold down the CTRL key to attack another player but it was already too late. My ship has sustained too much damage and my ship sunk.

I may have lost the battle but not the war. The encounter thought me a lot of about battling other players. It's very different to battling NPC pirates.

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