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OMG! Tantra 10x. Kabalyero level 35

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With the experience gain set to 10x, my character (Kabalyero) reached level 35 in just a few hours of play. If I continue playing, Kabalyero will be at level 100+ in a week or even less but I don't think I'll be able to do that. I still have tons of things to do like play other games for example, hehehehe!

I did play Tantra before and guess what, my old character is still there but I did not play him. I decided to create a new one in Samadi (server name). The new Kabalyero is an Asura. I don't know much about Tantra's characters but I think an Asura is much closer to a swordsman. Hey, you know me. I'm a one sided RPG player. If a character doesn't have/use a sword then that character isn't for me, he he he!

I never liked Tantra's graphics before but maybe that's because of my old VC (video card) but now it's kinda nice.

Killing monsters here and then doing some quest there and back to killing monsters again. I haven't really interacted with anyone just yet. Anyway, most of them were very busy powerleveling their own characters to interact with anybody.

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