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Battling Orcs till 48

From 1:00 am to 5:00 am I was logged in the virtual world of Supreme Destiny and during those hours, my character, Kabalyero spent the time killing Orcs and Trolls and was able to gain 18 levels. Reaching level 40, my character was awarded 2 new quests. The Graveyard Quest and the Orc Castle Quest. After spending a few minutes trying to look for an entrance into the Graveyard, I gave up and just powerlevel my character. Anyway, the quest was for characters level 40 to 75 so I can just go back to it any time.

KabalyeroMy character, Kabalyero, also gained a new skill. He now have 3 skills and all are under the Sword Magic Mastery. I'm trying to concentrate on just 1 set of skills and try to see what comes of it. One thing I noticed is that his normal attacks deal more damage than his skills.

He also acquired a new set of armors. Most of which were dropped by monsters. Just so you know, monsters don't drop that often.

In terms of gold, not very much. In fact it's a mere 20k. Earning gold is a pain because just like with item drops, gold don't drop that often too. Most of the time you'll get nothing from killing a monster except maybe experience points.

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  1. highest level in SD is lvl 355. And oh, don't use your experience chests yet. Use it in the water when you're gonna boost a party there, it gives back about 6k exp in N and 8K exp in M scrolls...
    And if you wanna level up quickly, you don't need to do it mano-mano, just join a party (but beware, there are a lot of scammers especially in N scrolls), if you're level 1, you'll go up to level 120 with just one water N party =)


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