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City of Villains

City of Villains is like the sequel to City of Heroes. I haven't tried City of Heroes but I've been playing City of Villains for more than 1 month already and I must confess the game is really enjoyable.

In City of Villains, you are a villain freed by Arachnos from the Zig. You are then transported to Mercy Island where your initial adventures begin. You have the option to work for Arachnos and become Lord Recluse's Destined One or be a freelance Mercenary working for the various groups in Rogue Isles.

What I like about City of Villains!

  • The graphics of COV is great. Even with the graphics setting set to performance you'll still get superb graphics quality.
  • COV's sound effects are really engaging. You'll feel the intensity of every explosion and the SFX of each skills are not cheezy.
  • Customizable controls. At first I had problems with the controls but after playing with the option I was able to properly set the controls to what I am accustomed to.
  • The gameplay rocks and it'll take you immediately into the action. Play solo or form a team it's up to you. Playing with a team is great because you'll encounter more enemies inside missions and it's always nice to have some people to chat with while playing and you'll level faster. Playing solo will not bore you either. You can do the many missions that are presented and upon completing a set of mission from a contact you'll be introduced to a new contact. It's an adventure!
  • Leveling is not a grind. Missions takes away the grind in City of Heroes. Missions gives you a bonus in experience and in infamy and there are also Storied Missions. Also, you don't have to be high leveled to compete in PVPs.
  • PVP Maps. Bloody Bay and Sirens Call are just two of them. They are like normal maps with mobs and missions but with PVP enabled. Villains and Heroes meet and battle for control or for just the fun of it.
  • You don't have to be high level to enjoy PVP. Yes, in COV once you enter a PVP map, all characters are of the same level. No bullying from high level players which is quite common to MMORPGs. In COV, you PVP skills will give you victory.
  • Character creation is FUN. I've spent a lot of hours just creating my character. With so many combinations, having a unique character is not an impossibility.
  • Skills/Powers mean something. If you've been playing other MMORPGs, skills or powers tend to loose their usefulness when powerful skills or powers are unlocked by your character but in City of Heroes your skills or powers does not loose their importance.
  • Players are nice! Rude players are quite common to MMORPGs but in COV you'll hardly encounter them.

What I don't like about it!

  • On TOP of my list is the PRICE. Compared with other games City of Villains/Heroes is quiet pricy, well for me it is pricy! He he he...
  • High System Requirements. You'll need a good Video Adapter for this game. My current setup works well with Guild Wars but with COV it sucked!
  • I'd think of others. LOL.
City of Villains is a great game that offers a lot of adventure and PVP action. It is easy to learn and you can tailor the game to your own playing style. Try it out!

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