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Dungeon Fighter Online 2015, Open Beta Is Coming Very, Very Soon

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Dungeon Fighter Online is coming back with a new Global server this 2015 and Open Beta is coming very, very soon.

Dungeon Fighter Online 2015, Open Beta Is Coming Very, Very Soon

Dungeon Fighter Online was previously published in North America by Nexon but they shut it down even though it was a very popular game at that time.

Now, the developers of the Dungeon Fighter Online has setup a new Global server and it's currently in Close Beta. The good news is, Open Beta is coming and it's coming very, very soon.

In fact, Open Beta starts on March 24, 2015 and this is according to a post in Dungeon Fighter Online's facebook page.

Are you guys excited to playing Dungeon Fighter Online in 2015? Honestly, I never played nor tried the game because Nexon was blocking players outside North America.

With Nexon out of the way, my guess is, this new Dungeon Fighter Online Global server will be more open to more players and, it will finally give me an opportunity to try out this game.

Anyway, the link to Dungeon Fighter Online's new website is in the description of the video below.

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