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Shroud Of The Avatar Is A Scam, What??? Biggest Bust/Scam Of Any RPG Kickstarter

Shroud of the Avatar is a Scam! What??? Biggest Bust/Scam Of Any RPG Kickstarter.

Shroud Of The Avatar Is A Scam, What??? Biggest Bust/Scam Of Any RPG Kickstarter

I'm here today at the Solace Bridge in Novia which you can find in Shroud of the Avatar and I'm going to talk to you guys about this out of this world claim that Shroud of the Avatar is a scam.

I was at the RPGWatch forum and I stumbled upon a thread about Shroud Of The Avatar and Richard Garriott. The thread starter is claiming that Shroud Of The Avatar is the biggest bust/scam of any RPG Kickstarter.

My reaction to that claim is... WHAT????

Honestly, this guy has never been scammed before and I hope he never will because it's not a good experience.

For me, a scam is a deliberate attempt to deceive people in order to get their money and, based on that, I don't feel nor think that Portalarium or Shroud Of The Avatar is deliberately deceiving anyone.

Yes, they've made some changes but these changes are necessary for the development of the game and they communicate these changes in the forums, in the game and even in YouTube channel via their Post Mortem videos.

Of course, there will be those hard headed people who will not accept any changes, who will not compromise and will immediately go out of there way to label the project a scam when it's really not.

Remember guys, Portalarium has lots to lose, not just financially, but socially as well if it doesn't deliver on its promise of developing a Spiritual Successor to Ultima.

Portalarium will lose its credibility in the gaming community and no gamer will ever trust it again. Seriously, the backlash will be so huge that it will overtake the Horizon Satellite and reach Pluto first.

Speaking for myself, I can tell you guys that Shroud Of The Avatar is NOT a scam. The game is already at Pre-Alpha Release 15 and if you are a backer then you'll have access to it.

It's not yet a game because various systems are still being developed, tested and added into the game. That's why it's called Pre-Alpha. So, don't expect too much from it just yet.

Anyway, instead of listening to me talk about Shroud Of The Avatar, why not just get that minimum pledge to get Pre-Alpha access and become part of the development process.

The link to Shroud Of The Avatar is in the description of the video below or simply click here. Also, if you decide to become a backer then please use User ID#: 75787 as your referrer.

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  1. all games are cash grabs... even free-to-play games are cash grabs... they are created to get money from gamers... I honestly don't see you point... sorry...

  2. you know what's really pathetic? hate... try avoiding it sometimes... LOL

  3. Ok need to take another look. I know this is an old reply but it appears that it is actually wrong and Port did actually create a game and has used it for ??? As of now they are in Release 66 - 5+ years. I was a backer from Day one and there where 3 things that were completely failures to deliver. One a Custom Duke head - which players could get in their likeness, or any tehr design. They just out right said they can no deliver and instead gave our a room to add to a dungeon? (if you have a dungeon) They sold so Many Player owned towns that there were never able to customize any of them. You get to chose from 6 basic designes. ((they will argue there are 20+ choices but they are mostly basics with / without walls, or rotated)) There were a few other items they have failed to complete or deliver, there are still players WAITING for their mailed / Signed boxes and there was never a book published. Y E T they are selling Episode 2 and in their sale there are 3 items they claim will be created later and "UNIQUE". If you believe them go for it but if you have any sense of value DO NOT WASTE any money on this project.

  4. SotA is definitely a scam. I regret having helped to promote it years ago. Sorry, but I was tricked like the rest of you were.


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