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Witch Rise - A No Nonsense Boomer-Shooter Releases 19th Jan (XB/PS/NSW) [Press Release]

Witch Rise - A No Nonsense Boomer-Shooter Releases 19th Jan (XB/PS/NSW) [Press Release]

15th January, 2024: Indie publisher Ratalaika Games and Brasil developer lightUP are pleased to start the New Year with the announcement of their forthcoming release Witch Rise. Launching on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox One,  Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch on January 26th this is a first person, no frills, straight forward, no nonsense, blaster set in a magical kingdom.

Future Past!

Fans of some of the old school classics will be able to reminisce and  feast themselves on this retro styled presentation that will be familiar to them but has some added challenges and is fast paced to up the ante!

New slant!

lightUP, “Witch Rise, a little bit apart from its inspirations, are the cute and colourful aesthetics and gameplay style, which makes it a non violent game and also brings it closer to my other games creations. Also a levelling system is present on Witch Rise which helps to make the main character stronger by increasing max HP and MP.” 

Witch Rise - A No Nonsense Boomer-Shooter Releases 19th Jan (XB/PS/NSW) [Press Release]

Character Role

The main character is a young girl who is learning magic, but acquires these skills so fast and is so good with spells that she catches the attention of an old Witch, who was once  like this girl but got corrupted by her own power. The old Witch is jealous of the young apprentice and casts a spell on her, transforming her into a little pig. Now the young girl needs to find four magic ‘staffs’ to find a way to get back to her old self again.

Out To Play- Things To Buy!

There are four different biomes in the game. The first three are “open” so the player can explore them in the order he/she prefers. Each biome has different scenery and varies on difficulty level. Some enemies and obstacles are specific for each biome and there is also a boss on each of them. There are also four stores (one per biome) where the player can buy very useful items and there are also some unique items which can be bought on each store.

Be Armed - Be prepared!

There are varied weapons on offer - swords, melee weapons and magical staff. The bosses are the biggest and tougher enemies in the game, so it’s probably a good idea to not keep stuck in the same place for too much time and move around. Also waiting for the right time to attack is the key.

Feature & Facts

* First-person shooter gameplay
* Mediaeval fantasy inspired themes
* Travel through four different biomes
* Cute 2D pixelated graphics set on a 3D world
* Explore the world and choose between many alternative paths
* Find items and level up
* Old school presentation
* Magic
* Purchase goodies!
*  A subtle mix of genres but a right blast!
*  80 rooms spread across four different biomes

GO FOR IT! - Don’t Look Back!

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