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Fallout 4 Modded » Game Froze A Million Times

Fallout 4 Modded » Game Froze A Million Times

Hey, everyone! I'm back to playing Fallout 4 after a hiatus of maybe two days, or was it more? My last livestream for Fallout 4 was on September 2, and I hadn't played it off-stream either. So, there I was, wondering what to do next.

I encountered some daunting challenges, like those pesky poison-spewing creatures. They called it "poison breath" for a reason, I guess. I managed to collect some useful items like nuclear material and combat armor, but I needed a control board to activate something, and I couldn't find it anywhere.

I tried to clear out a place called "Raze My Settlement," but it seemed I still couldn't access the workshop. So, I was thinking about moving on and exploring the next location.

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Speaking of which, I found a strange radio signal entering a cave. It was pretty powerful, and I wasn't sure what to do with it. I guessed I'd follow the markers and see where they led me.

By the way, I had a group of ladies with me in Vault 88. We were on an adventure together.

Unfortunately, the game froze a few times, especially when I faced off against those mole rats. It was quite frustrating. I even tried adjusting my load order, but it didn't seem to help.

I couldn't help but wonder why game developers couldn't make beautiful character models. It was a fantasy world, and I thought having attractive characters added to the escapism. But hey, I guess it was all subjective.

Anyway, I needed to restart the game once again because of those stubborn mole rats. They might have been small in-game, but they sure caused big problems for me.

So, that was my gaming update for that day. Let's hope the next session went smoother without any freezing issues. Thanks for tuning in, and I hope you all had a great day!

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