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GTA 5 Online » The Taxi Driver, Made 25K Driving A Taxi » A Short Stream [8/23/23]

GTA 5 Online » The Taxi Driver, Made 25K Driving A Taxi » A Short Stream [8/23/23]

Hey there, folks! Welcome back to the channel. It's your buddy Kabalyero, diving right back into the action in Los Santos. Today, I took on the role of a taxi driver, zipping around the city and giving people a lift. Let's roll!

First things first, I headed off to the taxi company, Downtown Taxi Cab Company. Yeah, my character was carless, so I had to hoof it or jog it. No biggie. Found a taxi and got ready to hit the road. Time to pick up some passengers!

Check it out, we had our first rider. They kept their destination a mystery, but no worries, the trusty GPS pointed me in the right direction. I just had to follow that yellow line—easy peasy.

Zoomed ahead, I racked up the fares, but it was a rollercoaster with these tips. Sometimes up, sometimes down. And hey, it was like déjà vu with these customers. Were they recycling lines or what? Anyway, I was there to make virtual cash, so I rolled with it.

Back and forth, that was the name of the game. Some customers just couldn't shut a car door properly, but hey, as long as they paid and I didn't crash, all was well.

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Hold up, the citizens of Los Santos must've been in a giving mood 'cause the tips kept coming. Even though the fares weren't massive, the tips were making up for it. Go figure!

Okay, so I lost count of the number of passengers I picked up, but hey, it was all in a day's work. Drove, picked up, dropped off, repeated. And the virtual police in this city? They were cool with all kinds of traffic mayhem, I tell ya. It was like the wild west out there.

Made some in-game dough as a cabbie, but dang, it was gonna take ages to score an apartment or a sweet ride. Well, that was the grind of a virtual taxi driver for ya. But hey, we were there for the adventure, right?

Thanks for hanging out on this crazy taxi ride with me. Don't forget to hit that follow button if you enjoyed the journey. Until the next one, take care, and catch you on the flip side! 

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