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According to a Reddit post by user afonsolage, there will be multiple loading points but few loading screens. Unlike previous Bethesda games like Fallout 4 and Skyrim, Starfield, being a Bethesda game with its own engine, will use instances to handle loading. This means that the game won't have a seamless world like No Man's Sky or Star Citizen, but it will offer more depth and liveliness in exchange.

The loading points that have been detected so far include ship landings and take-offs on planets, warping to other solar systems, and attaching to other ships. Since Starfield requires an SSD hard drive, these loading points are expected to be seamless and blend into the gameplay, thanks to camera cinematics. Players won't even notice the game loading in the background.

While this may not be a seamless world in the technical sense, the transition between these loading instances will feel smooth and uninterrupted. Other games have also utilize similar techniques to maintain a seamless experience.

Many players appreciate this approach as it eliminates the need for long loading screens, which can be frustrating. Instead, the game seamlessly transitions between different sections through these loading points, providing a more immersive experience overall. So, while some may have concerns about the lack of a completely seamless world, the trade-off seems worth it for a smoother and more engaging gameplay experience.

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