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'Dune: Awakening' is an exciting new MMORPG developed by Funcom, known for their popular games Conan Exiles and Anarchy Online. The game takes place in the planet of Arrakis, where players compete for a valuable resource called 'Spice'. While the official release date has not been announced, the game will be available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

In an interview with the Creative Director of 'Dune: Awakening', he discussed the game's localization plans for South Korea. While no final decisions have been made, Funcom has previously localized their games to Korean and had positive experiences.

The game universe is closely aligned with the original Dune novel and recent movie. While visually similar to the movie, the game expands beyond its scope, creating a larger world for players to explore. The game follows an alternate history approach, allowing players to shape the world and experience key elements of the Dune universe.

The development of previous Funcom games like Anarchy Online and Age of Conan influenced Dune: Awakening. The game combines elements from survival games and MMOs, featuring game loops, social features, and multiplayer aspects. It introduces complex sandbox mechanics, such as vehicle physics simulations and shooting mechanics, along with seamless multiplayer functionality.

Dune: Awakening incorporates classic MMO characteristics within a sandbox world. Players can build and customize their bases, explore the world alone or with friends, and form groups and guilds to take on challenges. The game offers technological advancement and a robust skill system, allowing players to define their playstyle.

The open world in Dune: Awakening presents infinite exploration opportunities. Coriolis storms periodically alter the landscape outside the Shield Wall, revealing new content for players to discover. This creates a competitive environment where players race to find valuable resources before they are lost.

Character roles in the game can be specialized through the skill and imprint system. Players can choose various approaches, such as becoming a trader pilot, an explorer, or an assassin. Dune: Awakening supports flexible playstyles and approaches.

Water and spice are key resources in the game. Water is vital for survival and crafting, while spice represents longevity, wealth, and power. Players must manage their spice levels for optimal performance, as consuming spice has advantages but can also be addictive.

Faction battles over spice are a prominent feature in the game. Guilds and factions will compete for control of spice blows across the world, leading to conflicts and intense gameplay. The control of spice determines the control of Arrakis.

The Creative Director expressed his honor and excitement about the interest in Dune: Awakening from Korean players. He hopes to deliver an experience that appeals to them, drawing from his previous collaboration with Neowiz in bringing Age of Conan to Korea.

Dune: Awakening promises to immerse players in the rich and expansive universe of Dune, allowing them to shape the world, experience thrilling gameplay, and compete for valuable resources.

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