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Starfield » Most Wishlisted Game In STEAM Again

Starfield » Most Wishlisted Game In STEAM Again

With the recent release of Sons of the Forest in Early Access on Steam, gamers have been eagerly watching the wishlist rankings on the Steam database. As of now, Starfield has claimed the top spot as the most wishlisted game on the storefront, followed closely by the dungeon crawler Dark and Darker at number two. In third place is the multiplayer party game Party Animals, which has gained a massive following since its reveal a few years ago.

Coming in at fourth place is Hollow Knight: Silksong, a game that has been eagerly anticipated by fans for some time now. Despite not appearing at reveal showcases, playtesters have been consoling fans, leading to even more excitement for the game.

Interestingly, The Day Before, which was once the most-wishlisted game on Steam, is now absent from the list due to an alleged copyright dispute. The game's developers, Fntastic, have been facing a number of issues recently, leading to speculation about the game's future.

While the Steam database ranks games based on how many people have wishlisted them, it also shows how many followers they have. Starfield currently has 184,748 followers, while Sons of the Forest had around 230,000 followers before its launch. Dark and Darker has 163,118 followers, but it's Party Animals that takes the lead with a whopping 421,994 followers.

It's important to note that followers don't always translate directly to wishlists, just as wishlists don't always translate to sales after launch. As more information is released and marketing ramps up, games generally see an uptick in wishlists closer to release.

Bethesda's sci-fi epic, Starfield, is due for a dedicated showcase relatively soon, which will likely increase its wishlist numbers. However, Dark and Darker sees tremendous spikes in interest every time it runs a beta, so it could still compete for the top spot.

Meanwhile, Sons of the Forest has faced server issues on its launch day, making it difficult for players to access the game. However, as the developers work to fix these issues, players can look forward to exploring the game's survival-horror world.

In conclusion, the Steam wishlist rankings offer an interesting insight into which games are generating the most interest from players. With Starfield currently taking the top spot, it will be interesting to see how the rankings shift in the coming months as more information is released and marketing ramps up for upcoming games.

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