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Hogwarts Legacy Multiplayer Mod » HogWarp In Development!

Hogwarts Legacy Multiplayer Mod » HogWarp In Development!

Hello fellow gamers, today we have some exciting news for "Hogwarts Legacy" fans. While the official game may be a single player experience, a group of modders known as The Together Team have been working on an unofficial multiplayer version called "HogWarp."

For those who don't know, The Together Team previously worked on the "Skyrim Together" mod, which allowed players to engage in a player-created version of the game with up to eight people at once. With "HogWarp," the group is taking on the challenge of making "Hogwarts Legacy" playable for up to eight individuals as well.

According to modder Yamashi, the group has been able to quickly develop "HogWarp" using the technology of Unreal Engine. This has made the project far easier than "Skyrim Together," and Yamashi states that "reverse engineering Unreal Engine games is an order of magnitude easier than custom engines such as Bethesda's CreationKit."

For those who are interested, Patreon supporters who fund Yamashi at a tier of $21/month or higher can get access to "HogWarp" test builds, and those who contribute $10.50/month or higher will get early access. However, the mod will eventually be available for free. Once the group has a version they are happy with, they plan to release it publicly and make it open source.

As for the release date, Yamashi is hoping to have a Patreon test build ready this week and a full release in early March, though he's not making any guarantees.

In summary, "HogWarp" is an unofficial multiplayer version of "Hogwarts Legacy" being developed by The Together Team. While the official game is single player only, "HogWarp" will allow up to eight players to enjoy the game together. The mod is expected to be released for free once the team has a version they are happy with. 

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