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Hogwarts Legacy Boycott » Is SteamCharts Joining the Controversy?

Hogwarts Legacy Boycott » Is SteamCharts Joining the Controversy?

Have you heard about the latest buzz in the gaming world? The release of the highly anticipated "Hogwarts Legacy" game has caused quite a stir among fans and critics alike.

But why all the fuss, you ask? Well, it all stems from the controversy surrounding the creator of the game's intellectual property, J. K. Rowling. Some folks believe that she has been an adversary to a certain community, leading to calls for a boycott of the game.

As someone who has never been a fan of the Harry Potter franchise, I was curious to see the impact of this boycott on the game's sales. So, I decided to take a deep dive into the Steam platform and see for myself.

Upon checking the SteamCharts, I was surprised to find that the number of players playing "Hogwarts Legacy" was... drumroll please... zero!

Hogwarts Legacy Boycott » Is SteamCharts Joining the Controversy?

But wait, it gets even more intriguing! I then went to SteamDB and was pleasantly surprised to see actual numbers being displayed. This left me wondering, why wasn't SteamCharts showing the same numbers? Could it be that SteamCharts was participating in the boycott as well?

Hogwarts Legacy Boycott » Is SteamCharts Joining the Controversy?

After much contemplation, I have come to the conclusion that SteamCharts was probably just having some technical issues and wasn't intentionally boycotting the game.

In conclusion, the controversy surrounding "Hogwarts Legacy" has sparked a lot of discussion and debate among the gaming community. But, whether you choose to play the game or not, remember, at the end of the day, it's all about having fun and enjoying the magic of the wizarding world.

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