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Genshin Impact Scandal, Voice Actor Fired Over Serious Allegations

Genshin Impact Scandal, Voice Actor Fired Over Serious Allegations

Hello fellow gamers, today we're talking about some serious news regarding Genshin Impact. Elliot Gindi, the English voice actor for Tighnari, has been fired by Hoyoverse due to allegations of abuse, sexual harassment, and attempts at sexual relations and grooming of teenage fans of the game.

These allegations were corroborated with chat log screenshots that were shared last week, which have since been deleted by Google Docs for violating its terms. Gindi did write a TwitLonger apology that confirmed the screenshots were accurate, but denied knowing he was making sexual advances to anyone underage or grooming teens.

Alejandro Saab, the voice for Cyno, wrote an angry thread about the accusations, claiming that Gindi used his name to lure in victims. He called Gindi a "f**king disgusting human being" and begged for him to be recast as quickly as possible.

Two days later, the announcement of Gindi's removal and replacement was made on the GI Twitter account. They stated that Gindi had breached his contract and would no longer be voicing Tighnari. They also mentioned that Tighnari's existing in-game voice lines would be gradually replaced with new ones.

This news has been shocking for the Genshin Impact community and has sparked conversations about the responsibility that comes with being a public figure. It's important to remember that these allegations are serious and have real consequences.

As gamers, it's important to hold those in positions of power accountable for their actions. We should always strive to create a safe and welcoming environment for everyone in the community.

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