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Atomic Heart » Traverse the Open World Without Fast Travel

Atomic Heart » Traverse the Open World Without Fast Travel

For fans of the action-packed alternate history game Atomic Heart, being able to fast travel would be a welcome addition to their gameplay experience. With an open-world environment filled with dangerous robots, traversing from one location to another can be time-consuming and risky. However, players will be disappointed to know that there is no fast travel mechanic in Atomic Heart.

Despite this setback, players can still enjoy the game's vast and impressive surroundings. The Atomic Heart map is full of landmarks and red cars that players can hop into and drive to their desired location. While driving, players can also explore off the beaten track and find valuable loot, such as metal parts and biomaterials.

Exploring away from the main objective can also lead players to Testing Grounds, where they can find strong weapons and neuropolymer to upgrade their skills. This gives players a much-needed break from the intense Atomic Heart bosses and offers a chance to power up before diving back into the action.

For those looking to play Atomic Heart on the go, it's worth checking out whether there are Atomic Heart Steam Deck capabilities. Playing at home requires meeting the Atomic Heart system requirements, so players should ensure their PC is up to the task. 

While not having a fast travel mechanic can be a downside for some players, it's important to remember that Atomic Heart offers an exciting and unique gameplay experience. With its impressive environment, challenging bosses, and rewarding exploration, it's a game that's worth diving into. So buckle up, hop into a red car, and get ready to explore the strange and wacky world of Atomic Heart.

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