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I Installed Skyrim Together Reborn In Mod Organizer 2! It Just Works!

I Installed Skyrim Together Reborn In Mod Organizer 2! It Just Works!

Skyrim Together Reborn is a multiplayer mod for Skyrim Special Edition / Anniversary Edition and it is now available for download. I downloaded it from NexusMods, installed it in Mod Organizer 2 and it just works.

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0:24 - Download Skyrim Together Reborn. I downloaded Skyrim Together Reborn from NexusMods. Skyrim Together Reborn requires Address Library for SKSE. I didn't download Address Library because I already downloaded and installed it.

1:49 - Install In Mod Organizer 2. Installed Skyrim Together Reborn in Mod Organizer 2 just like a normal Skyrim SE mod. Mod Organizer 2 gave a warning but I just ignored it and completed the install.

2:35 - Move Skyrim Together Reborn files. I opened the Skyrim Together Reborn folder in Explorer and moved the files in the second Skyrim Together Reborn folder into the first one and deleted the second one.

3:40 - Added Skyrim Together Reborn As A Program. I added Skryim Together Reborn as a new program in Mod Organizer 2. The process was the same when adding other programs like LOOT, FNIS, Bodyslide, etc.

4:20 - Run Skryim Together Reborn. I used Skyrim Together Reborn program to run or execute Skyrim SE instead of SKSE. I did not create a new character but instead loaded a previously saved game.

5:08 - Open Skyrim Together Reborn Window. To check if Skyrim Together Reborn was loaded and working, I pressed the right CTRL key to open the Skyrim Together Reborn window. I did not connect to any server because I did not know any server. The public server list did not load because it was not yet available as that time.

Anyway, watch the video to learn more and if you have any comments, questions or reactions then post them in the comments section.

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