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HOW TO Connect To A SKYRIM TOGETHER REBORN Server On Radmin VPN (not Hamachi)

HOW TO Connect To A SKYRIM TOGETHER REBORN Server On Radmin VPN (not Hamachi)

Skyrim Together Reborn has free public servers but if you have a friend running a server on Radmin VPN then here is how you connect to it. Also, I find Radmin VPN easy to use. Easier than Hamachi or the one Skyrim Together Reborn recommends, ZeroTier.

Connecting To Radmin VPN

Running a Skyrim Together Reborn is easy. Just find the .exe file for the server, run it and that's it. You can connect to it using localhost as your server address but if you want people from outside or from the internet to connect to your server then you'll need to do some extra things.

If your ISP wouldn't allow you to do port forwarding on your router then you can still run a Skyrim Together Reborn on your own computer and have people from the internet connect to it using Radmin VPN.

You would need to download and install Radmin VPN. After download and installing, you would need to create a network in Radmin VPN. After creating a network, you would need to ask your friends or the people from the internet to connect to your Skyrim Together Reborn server by using Radmin VPN and joining your network.

Anyway, watch the video to learn more and if you have any comments, questions or reactions then post them in the comments section.

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