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FALLOUT 4 | Suburban Disturbance [Low Graphics | 7/26/2022]

FALLOUT 4 | Suburban Disturbance [Low Graphics | 7/26/2022]

In this Fallout 4 in low graphics gameplay, I completed a Sim Settlements 2 quest where I had to find a Super Mutant named Nail for another Super Mutant named Sickle.  I found Nail but he was dead, Hammer was not happy with the news and went insane. Sickle went insane too and took out Hammer.

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A super mutant named Sickle wanted to find another Super Mutant named Nail. Eventually, Nail was found but Nail was found dead. Hammer did not take the news of Nail's death smoothly and went mad in anger. To stop Hammer from rampaging, Sickle had no choice but to take him out and he did.

The quest was about finding a lost Super Mutant but ended with two Super Mutants losing their lives. Nail was found dead while Hammer died from Sickle's hands. It was a tragic tale of two brothers losing their lives while surviving in the harsh wasteland.

If only Nail was found living then Hammer would not have gone insane from grief and would have not died. It would have been a wonderful tale of two brothers re-uniting but that did not happen.

Anyway, that's it for this gameplay and if you have any comments, questions, reactions or suggestion then post them in the comments section.

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